Medicine flute and singing bowl sound sessions

May 27, 2020







Deepen the relaxation response with Medicine Flutes and Quartz Singing Bowl

Sound Attunements: 


Contact Laurie to discuss outdoor (social distancing) sound session options.


 Flute music and quartz singing bowl resonances creates a stimulating binaural relationship. Calm and deepen the breath's inhale/exhale exchange while listening to the melodic framework of a variety of pentatonic note sequences of the flute in combination with the resonant consonant and dissonant frequency flow of the crystal quartz singing bowls. 

Laurie Lynn Clark's intention is to enrich one's relaxation response. Vibrational resonance stimulates the opening of the body's vital energy centres as breath work directs oxygen to the spinal plexuses (Medullary/ cervical/dorsal/lumbar/ sacral/ coccygeal plexuses).









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Restorative Practices 

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