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Solstice Visions 2018 by Josh at 8 Shields.Nature Connections

The following is written by Josh Lane at

"As the solstice approaches and we reach the longest night of the year (here in the North), we can make a special time to attune to the light within us and consider how we will shine that light forward in the coming year.

Then, as the length of each day increases, we can move forward each day more strongly into our visions and dreams, in tune with the light they shine forward on our paths.

As you drift into dreams on the night of the solstice, consider what’s calling you forward in your life... What do you want to create, experience, or learn about in the year to come? What makes your light shine?

Hold whatever it is in your heart and mind as you fall asleep, setting the intention that this light will come to life in this new solar year.

Now, I must include an interesting “nature note” here. For several days after the solstice, the Sun appears to rise and set in roughly the same spot on the horizon. In the Northern climates, the Sun is now rising and setting to the south of true east (for rise) and west (for set).

After a “pause” of several days, the Sun then begins its incremental progress northwards on the horizon each day, eventually reaching its rise and set in the true east and west on the spring solstice (and the reverse of all this is true in the southern hemisphere).

Each day during this “pause”, spend some time building your intentions for the new year. Keep envisioning these dreams coming to life, nourishing them with your attention like a seed in the soil being watered to burst forth with life. Give five minutes to this meditation each day, for three days beyond the solstice.

Then, as the Sun begins its walk once again on the horizon, release your intentions and begin your own journey into action as you step into your dream for the year, in tune and harmonized with the expanding energy of Nature."

Written by Josh Lane at 8 Shields

In Nature,

Josh & the 8 Shields Team

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