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Laurie Clark is offering Reflexology Embodiment Workshop for women and girls: Efforts to refocus att

Welcome back to your body, the place you’ll spend the rest of your life. This workshop provides opportunity for enquiry-based learning at the most personal level. Listening to our bodies and sensing how we powerfully inform ourselves and others.

Location: Balance Within Yoga Wellness. Balance Within Mind Body Soul 20 Albert Street Carleton Place, ON K7C 1P4 Canada

When: Every Sunday starting October 28th, 2018 at 1 pm until 3pm.

For more information- Contact Laurie at or call 6132781755.

Why is Laurie Lynn Clark offering Self Embodiment Reflexology Workshops for women and girls?

Self Embodiment Reflexology Workshops for Women and Girls

Given the evidence that self-objectification is linked to compromised mental and physical well-being, strategies that buffer girls and women against the internalization of a sexually objectified view of self are needed. Efforts that refocus attention on what the body does and how it feels (rather than how it looks) may provide new, direct, and positive bodily experiences. A healthy alternative to self-objectification is experience grounded in embodiment.

Self Embodiment Process:

This is a BEING process, not a thinking process or doing process. It is automatic presence, clarity and knowing without having to search for it or pay attention.

Somatization: Become directly aware of the emanating sensation that arise from the part of the body through movement or touch. Start simply and enjoy the breathe while mapping or scanning and witnessing your body's subtle movement and position of the body. Lie down and shift your body position with the breath and notice changes in sensation and perception. For instance become aware and be a witness to the inner sensory sensations of the body through the breath.

Visualization: After looking at a picture of a particular structure in the body, hold the picture in the mind as you search to become aware of that part in the body (inner kinesthetic vision).

Embodiment: There is no witness or body mapping. Embodiment is direct experience. Let go of your conscious mapping and witnessing of the body and allow yourself to be without judgement or thought attached to the movement.

i. The first step in embodiment is self-regulation. Self-regulation is the ability to create and sustain balance in the nervous system. This means knowing how to calm when you’re over activated and how to alert when you need to pay attention. People who can self-regulate are often called grounded or well resourced. This workshop will exercise how your inner witness assists you to resource yourself and return to a regulated state. Somatic Meditation: Feeling and being with your body (Right Brain). Feel different parts of the body and focus on being with the stress areas. Breath into the stressful areas of your body. Inhale new fresh energy into the area and exhale stagnant heavy stress energy. Witness from an objective mind - memories/ thoughts/ words/ colours/ visuals that arise when being and breathing into the stress.

ii. From a self-regulated place the next step in embodiment is allowing ones process to unfold with awareness. If you have the ability to focus your attention on movement, sensation, breath, or imagery; that connection with self is likely to bring you to regulation.

iii. Cultivate body awareness: Observation (witness without judgement) of thoughts and bodily sensations. What comes first the thought or the bodily sensation? As you begin to follow the body’s process, you become more embodied. What does this sensation want to do and what thoughts are connected to this sensation? What inner movement or impulse wants to come forth? Observe and witness.

Journal your reflections.