Holistic Health


Restorative Workshops


  •  Vibrational Sound Medicine: Singing Bowl, Tuning Fork and Native Flute Vibrational Healing Sessions for Individual and/or Group Workshops 

  • Bereavement Circle Facilitation: Grief sharing in a safe space - 7 week programs- with Lanark County Home Support.

  • Nature Immersion Workshops: Adults  and youth rediscovering nature's rhythms.

 Quartz Singing Bowl and Tuning Fork Sound Meditation  

(for individuals or groups of 5-8 participants.)

Deepen the relaxation response with Medicine Flute and Quartz Singing Bowl Sound Attunements 

Flute music and quartz singing bowl resonance creates a stimulating binaural relationship: Exercise the inhale/exhale breath exchange while listening to the melodic framework of a variety of pentatonic note sequences of medicine flutes accompanied by the consonant and dissonant frequency flow of the crystal quartz singing bowls. 

Laurie Lynn Clark plays with the intention of deepening one's relaxation response so to stimulate the opening of the body's vital energy centres while breath exercises brings oxygen to open the spinal plexuses (Medullary/ cervical/dorsal/lumbar/ sacral/ coccygeal plexuses). Laurie also offers musical accompaniment at death doulas' grief ceremonies in their certification courses.


Quartz Singing Bowl Workshop Locations:

Contact Laurie to discuss outdoor (social distancing) sound session options.


 Bereavement Circle Facilitation with Lanark County Home Support.

Laurie co-facilitates 7 week bereavement programs to hold a safe space for grief sharing with Lanark County Home Support To pre-register for these sessions or for more information contact: http://www.chslc.ca


Rediscover Nature  


 Core Routines:  Silent relaxed reflection, automatic writing, intention setting, solositspot and/or groupsitspot, fireside appreciation circle sharing, foraging for medicinal herbs , medicinal - teas and infusions to bring home with you. Introduction to Restorative Communication practices (active listening, suspend judgement, confidentiality), gratitude sharing, nurture your relationship with self, with the land as well as with all who share in the circle. 

Restorative Practices 

Rest Reconnect  Reflect Revitalize Restore

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