Nature as Mentor

Restorative  Communication in the Outdoor Circle Classroom

Naturalizing the Playground:
Native/ common Edible Medicinal Perennial Gardens


Cardinal Direction Mandala Garden of Edible Perennials to diversify the school playground

Nature mentors diversity

 Planting native medicinal polycultures to diversify the elementary school playground's outdoor classroom.

Restorative discussions in the outdoor circle classroom:

Restorative Communication Circle: 

Gather in a circle, practice eye contact and active listening, empathy and respect for the speaker.

Stewardship Circle Discussion: Child led discussions- Follow the child's curiosity, inclusive listening  and learning together, asking authentic questions.

Identify the importance of Nature as a Mentor and her ‘purpose’ of providing a home for living beings.

Gratitude Sharing Circle: Discuss how can we mimic nature?

The land grows medicine. Identifying and foraging. Intuitive communication with plants. 

Restore the Soil: The importance of soil building

i. Is topsoil a renewable resource or a nonrenewable resource?

ii. Enjoy a wander in the wonderful world of mycelium and return to the circle to discuss the interconenctive mycelial network  beneath our feet. 

Restore the Planet:

Why plant trees?

And it’s not just people who benefit: trees provide habitats for hundreds of species of insects, birds and small mammals. A tree-planting scheme offers teachers the opportunity to discuss biodiversity and gives pupils the chance to engage with a tangible example. It’s a real-life science experiment and will provide you with amazing habitats to study in science lessons for years to come.





 "In this process of unlearning, in the process of feeling and hearing the plants again,

one comes to realize many things."

- Stephen Harrod Buhner

Research References: 

i. Stephen Harrod Buhner

 ii. Henry Dicks, Philosophy of Biomimicry

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Planting an outdoor classroom at Drummond Central School. Diversify the playground with Edible Perennial Gardens
Cardinal Direction Mandala Garden Classroom at Drummond Central Elementary School