Past Events 2018/2019

October 2019- Conscious Dying Institute Workshop Restorative Facilitator/ Musician:

Laurie offers a 3 hour musical sound bathing experience within a grief ceremony for death doulas in the Sacred Passage Doula Certificate program Conscious Dying Institute/Ottawa. 

Why We Do This Work: To Restore Death To Its Sacred Place in the Beauty, Mystery, And Celebration Life; Creating A Caring Healing Culture of End of Life Doulas Who  Contribute To The Evolution Of Human Consciousness.




November 2019


Drummond Central - September 2019: w wit
Seed saving in the Native Perennial Mandala Gardens


Laurie facilitates Bereavement Communication Circles with Lanark County Home Support

2019 - Last Tuesday of every month:


August 2019 Blue Skies

Holistic Workshop Facilitator:

Mindful Self-Care for Tweens in nature


Summer Parent/Child

July, 2019 Programs :

Come Wander!

Nature Connection Parent and Child Summer Program
Parents and children meet every Wednesday morning in July.

Contact Laurie for more information:


Lanark Highlands Library

Nature Immersion Youth Program at Lanark Library

July 2019: Children gather to play and explore sensory awareness activities in the playing field behind the library


June 26th- The Table's Community Garden

Elementary students and teachers will meet Laurie in the Community Garden to explore nature's invisible classroom.


Heartwood Gathering 2019 - Volunteer


June 2019: Upper Canada District School Board. Drummond Central Elementary School- Naturalizing the elementary school playground with Cardinal Direction Mandala gardens. 

Maple Grove Elementary School:

Nature Immersion and restorative communication in the outdoor classroom

June 14th-21st: All Nations Grand River Water Walk

March 10th, 2019

IInternational Women's Conference 

 Nature Immersion , Sensory Awareness,

Sound Bathing, Knowledge Sharing

March 11th to 15th, 2019:

March Break Nature Immersion Program

March Healing Arts Series

MERA HOUSE- McDonald's Corners

Yoga and sanskrit mantras with Stephanie Corrine.  Reflexology and Sound Bathing with Laurie Clark

February 14th, 2019-

Nature Immersion activities and Restorative Communication with the Cub Scouts


Jan.25th-27th, 2019

Guelph Organics Conference with Biodynamics Society of Ontario

Biodynamic Agriculture was the first codified form of organic farming. The food harvested from these farms is truly nourishment for humanity. Laurie attended the Wild Edible Perennial Workshop with Ben Ceasar co-founder of Fiddlehead Nursery.

September 2018 - June 2018: Nature Immersion/ Outdoor Learning slow release programs at Drummond Central Elementary School:

The outdoor classroom on the Elementary School Playground. Upon completion of the first year of the outdoor program development students, teachers and administrators are now more comfortable in taking their learning outdoors. The program continues in May of 2019 school year as Parent and Child Nature Immersion workshops will be demonstrated on the elementary school playground alongside naturalizing the outdoor classroom.

2018 PA Day Programs: Nature Connection in Lanark Highlands for Upper Canada District School Board students and home-school students

2019 PA Days: November 30th, 2018. February 1st. Nature Connection in Lanark Highlands for Limestone District School Board students.

December 4th, 11th 2018:

Creative Writing and Nature Connection Program (for girls ages 8-12)

December 29th, 2018:

Planet Youth, Lanark County

Community Information Event in Perth, Ontario. Planet Youth is a name that represents a new approach to measurably improving quality of life within a community.  Specifically, Planet Youth is designed (and proven) to reduce or prevent drug/substance abuse and misuse among youth while helping to build and strengthen communities. It was pioneered successfully in Iceland over 20 years ago and is now in use in over 40 countries worldwide.

November/ December 2018:

Restorative Communication and Reflexology Workshop Series at Balance Within Yoga Studio, Carleton Place

December 2018-January 2019: Conscious Aging Workshop Series. Cultivating Wisdom, Connect with Others, Celebrate Life (Institute of Noetic Sciences). Laurie is attending a Workshop Series of Self Reflection and Conversational Circles, hosted by guest speaker and Life Celebrant Practitioner Patti Koeslag- through Hospice/ Lanark County. 

Summer 2018 Events:

Nature Immersion Programs for Youth

New Moon Overnight Camp (for Girls ages 9-12).

Nature Connection Summer programming (for ages 4-8).

Restorative Communication Circle at The TABLE, Perth: June 2018- Restorative discussions about restoring the soil and the mycelium connection for all ages.

Blueskies 2018 Music Festival-

Holistic Workshop, Clarendon: July, 2018

Mycelium Wandering and Nature Immersion workshop for all ages.