Rest  Reconnect Rediscover  Recover Reflect  Revitalize



 Rediscover Nature
Rediscover nature through sensory awareness and mindful reflection.

*Contact Laurie to schedule a Nature Connection Workshop for youth*

  • Learn through quiet observation and mindful practices: Solo Sit Spots and Group Sit Spots

  • Inquiry...the art of authentic questioning and active  listening

  • Council Circle/ Knowledge and Appreciation Sharing

  •  Fireside Story of the Day: Share your story of your name and origin

  •  Sensory Awareness activities: mindful observation in nature

  • Silent Movement and Observation.

  • Forest Adventures...foraging, seeking, finding, wandering, climbing, exploring and freedom to roam.

  • Ethics & Role modelling Earth Stewardship

  • Community - creating a nature connected community. 

  • Restorative communication practices (Knowledge Sharing and Gratitude)

  • Good old fashion fun outdoors with youth. (adults reflecting on their childhood memories of connecting in nature)

  • Medicinal Perennial Gardens as Outdoor Classrooms

Begin and end the day program with gratitude- respect and appreciation for our planet and for each other, self-expression/knowledge sharing, restorative communication practices/passing the talking piece and active listening, foraging, freedom to wander, solo-sit-spots (mindful sensory awareness), group-sit-spots, cardinal direction orientation, gardens and permaculture discussions, organic art activities, climbing trees, story-telling - creating a collaborative story of the day where everyone becomes the storyteller. Native Flute Music. 



Restorative Practices 

Rest Reconnect  Reflect Revitalize Restore

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