Preschool Program

Laurie strives to educate the whole child: hands, heart, mind and spirit. Nature emmersion and free creative play, gardens, a diverse set of fun, hands-on activities, storytelling, earth-stewardship, music, dance,  group interaction and circle time. The focus is on child-led play and fostering imagination, not on forcing early academics.

Waldorf Philosophy/ Child Development:

In Waldorf education the early childhood years (from birth to seven) are dedicated mainly to the physical development of the child. This comes from the understanding that the young child is a sense organ, that they experience the world wholly through their physical being, and that their physical body is still developing. Children in this age group learn through imitation, sensory experiences, movement, and free, imaginative play. Between the age of three and five there is a special change in the development of the young child, when their sense of “I” first becomes awakened. In Waldorf terminology this is known as the development of the “will” (the child’s conscious and deliberate manipulation of the physical world).


Small group programs may be planned and developed in response to accomodate needs of organizations/families/ schools....

Where there is nature, there is an outdoor classroom.

Contact Laurie to reserve date(s) for a specialized morning program or full day program at your school, home, commmunity event...

Nature is the classroom and Laurie will provide mentorship in how to establish a learning space right outside your door whether it be on the elementary school playground, church yard, community neighbourhood, park...

Preschool Forest Programs:

Bring two snacks and a lunch and wear weather appropriate clothing (and extra dry clothing). Sun hats and a water bottle.

Laurie cooks a snack over open fire which is a delightful and meaningful for the children to participate in as they learn to have patience when cooking.

Restorative Practices 

Rest Reconnect  Reflect Revitalize Restore

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