Outdoor Learning as a Restorative Practice

Connect with your child in nature

For educators, mentors, parents interested in creating outdoor classrooms on the elementary school playground or in their own back yard. Incorporating nature immersion routines into a daily/weekly rhythm and/or for home-school parents feeling a need to learn how to immerse their children into nature's classroom.


•Connect with nature on a visceral level to raise awareness, decreases stress, increases one's motivation to learn and cognitively prepares children for later adolescence.

• The Inquisitive Child: Resilience and Curiosity.

• Crossing the curriculum strands from indoor to outdoor classroom

* Restorative Communication practices in the outdoor classroom: Every Child exercises their voice. Create an inclusive, safe, caring and  non-judgemental learning environment.

*Naturalize the playground's outdoor classroom with polycultures of edible hardy perennials in a cardinal direction mandala curriculum based design.


Parent and Child Empathy Workshop

Nurture Nature Workshops

Parents strengthens empathy with their child to revitalize their relationship.

Laurie leads them through sensory awareness activities and restorative

communication practices that connect them to each other, themselves and to the land.


Transforming School Culture with

Restorative Communication Practices.








Naturalizing the Outdoor Classroom:

Cardinal Direction Mandala Gardens on the Playground

Learn the benefits of greening the playground with polycultures of edible hardy perennials. Practicing permaculture ethics and restorative communication in the outdoor classroom- 'Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share'






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tMore about Outdoor Learning and Restorative Communication practices

Nature Immersion

Sensory Awareness. Cardinal Directions. Restorative Communication.

Mindfulness- Solo-Sit-Spots: 

Interoception- Reflect respect and appreciation in nature's classroom

Gratitude Circles- Environmental  Stewardship

Restorative Practices 

Rest Reconnect  Reflect Revitalize Restore

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