"Working with new ways of understanding... 

*Our relationship with Mother Earth

*Our Relationship with each-other

*Holistic Health "

Book reference: Learning from a Kindergarten Dropout, Cultural Sharing and Reflections.

by William Commanda and Romola Thumbadoo - 'Inspiring 'the new relational and healing interconnection with Mother Earth.' 


Laurie Lynn's Service

Outdoor Classrooms on the Elementary School Playground/ Outdoor Learning Curriculum Planning

Youth Forest Programs in Lanark Highlands

Land Based Restorative Communication Workshops in McDonald's Corners, Lanark Highlands.

Bereavement Circle Facilitation for Grief Sharing in a safe space. (Indoors or outdoors on the land)

Reflexology Self-Care Workshops with Singing Bowl Sound Bathing and Native Flute accompaniment.

Restorative Practices

We are committed to moving forward in the spirit of respect with all First Nation, Métis and Inuit people.

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